Tuesday, August 17, 2010

u get no points for originality...

So eer-um yeah, about the unemployed, single mother of three in South Carolina who just confessed to suffocating her two sons to death with her bare hands because she was stressed out, dead ass broke and felt overwhelmed? PAUSE. Oh and my fave part? That the 500-lb beauty queen tried to cover-up the murders by recycling a new version that crazy white woman, Susan Smith's story about losing control of the car and it (along w the babies) would up at the bottom a nearby lake.... 'Cept I guess she decided to skip the part about the carjackers, huh?


Um Precious.... kids are not kittens. You don't bag 'em up and toss them in the lake when the litter gets to be too much. You just don't. Dummy.

I swear, I have Z-E-R-O sympathy for women that CHOOSE to have a whole gang of kids and when 'ish hits the fan- they suddenly can't cope. At All. Newsflash: being a parent is so much more than sperm meeting egg in your uterus. I don't care what the Bible tells you, if your life is a shit show to begin with, don't bring another helpless dependent into nonsense.

*looks directly at the pro-life zealots protesting outside of abortion clinics around the country*

Again, it's craziness like this that should serve as a wake-up call to Republicans and conservatives who want to restrict access to birth control. Cause if didn't nobody else figure it out; trust me, the good Lord himself knew that this woman didn't have any business having THREE children. Raising them by her damn self. In poor ass South Carolina.


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