Thursday, August 26, 2010

sure wish life was this simple...

Hmmm, lots going on but I was up way to late to write anything coherent about most of it. *kanye shrug* It happens.

Although, must admitI am kinda bugging about the Columbian FaceBook hit list. Three of the listed teens have alreay been killed and the cops have no suspects or concrete motive for those people selected. SMH.

Forreal, criminals using modern technology to threaten and intimidate feels like something taken straight out of a bad Will Smith action movie. I can only assume that the reason the police haven't more proactive about investigating the killings is because they're waiting for Bruce Willis to fly in and save the day? No?

It's clear that technology is going to be the downfall of many more.

Shoot, just ask wackass Soulja Boy to tell you about his starring role on the most recent Kat Stacks hidden camera phone exclusive. BLANK STARE.

Mmm-hmm, come get ya stupid boy swag up close and personal in all it's wobbly camera-phone glory. This uninspired indie features a coke-laced romp at the Atlanta Intercontinental, cringe-inducing chest & ear massages from dirty fake finger nails, and horrible cackling sound effects from the industry's most scandalous video hooker herself. Good grief, he's such a dummy.

*In the of the father, son and unlimited service with a data plan. Church, Let us unplug & pray*

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