Wednesday, August 25, 2010

dem bishes at sin city need to go sit down & take notes...

There are few things that render me COMPLETELY speechless. And by completely speechless, feel free to envision me sitting here with my mouth wide open, eyelids peeled back, straight dumbfounded. Mm-hmmm, that ugly kinda shock.

Well this video has officially done it.

And to be fair, I recognize that this is some sacred, ancient custom that according to my shaky bakey sources started somewhere near 12 A.D. Translation: it probably deserves a whole lot more respect than what I'm thinking but... oh well.

Yooooo, when the hairy, little fat man gets to doing his thing? And then the little boy proceeds to braid his own body all the way to the top of the pole?

*does a running swan dive in the shallow end of the pool*

Just so we're clear. I have never in my ENTIRE life been even remotely sexually curious about the average Indian man. (Something about my sensitive sense of smell just wouldn't even let me pretend to entertain the idea of getting that close.) But after watching this craziness, I just might have to reconsider. 'Cause not for nothing, them little mo-f'kers are flexible as HELL.


Oh and when you finally figure out how to pick your bottom lip up off the ground, feel free to thank G. Payton for this little gem.


  1. Gurl....I can't even build on top of what I just saw in that video. For the record just cause you're flexible doesn't mean your winey-winey status is on deck.....but STILL!!!

  2. um, wow.

    a whole bunch of folks who have thrown their dollars to the wind now want their money back. included.

  3. Do they give classes? For like Americans on Gap-year or sabbatical? Cause with those skills, I could come back to the US and make a KILLING!!!