Wednesday, August 4, 2010

pick your poison...

Don't Republicans and conservatives seem a just a tad hypocritical for jumping all over the government for the illegal immigrant who accidently killed a nun while drunk driving yet they are saying next to nothing about the legal gun owner in Connecticut who intentionally killed 8 of his co-workers then offed himself?


Perhaps they don't want to discuss what happened in the predominantly white area of CT because the shooter, who was one of only two Black men at the entire beer distribution plant, had been complaining of racial harassment. according to his family, he'd even shown them pictures of racial epithets and a stick figure with a noose around it's neck that he'd snapped in a men's restroom at the plant. Matter of fact, in the middle of going all postal a la his namesake on 'The Wire', Omar called his mother and confessed to killing 5 racists 'that was bothering him.'

SMH. You got to do better people.

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