Monday, August 30, 2010

baby powder on aisle 9...

Sooo, did anyone actually watch the Emmy Awards last night?


Yeah me neither. Oddly, I've been on a self-imposed TV timeout for the past couple of weeks. Honestly, not sure what I'm going through... but oh wells. Perhaps, I'll get back at it when the new fall season line-up rolls out. Or not.

Needless to say, not watching the actual telecast certainly didn't prohibit me from eyeballing all the red carpet arrival pictures. And I gotta say, the fashion this year? Um, BORING. Like, I don't know about you guys but I'm so over the one-shoulder, draped, layered, gauzy, bedazzled Grecian column dress I could vomit. Seriously. Can we please leave that look in 2009 and move on? Please and thanks.

Oh and while I can totally understand going the extra mile to avoid getting caught out on the carpet with ashy skin; there's a definitive line between properly moisturized and plain 'ole greasy. And err-um Rutina Wesley? Sweetie, you my dear missed the mark. Completely.

Now, don't get me wrong- it is always exciting to see a new, beautiful, brown-skin actress working any red carpet that does NOT lead into the 100-millionth Rick Ross album premiere party. Howsomever...

There was absolutely no reason for homegirl to look like she straight jumped out of a vat of Vaseline and into her designer gown. (Which was actually kinda cute- when you tilt your head and squint your eyes a little something). Nope, none at all. And whomever the hell thought it was good idea to slather her from head to toe in grandma's petroleum jelly and then send her out into the sun to sizzle like a damn pork rind needs to be bitch slapped.

The End.

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