Tuesday, August 31, 2010

it wouldn't have been me...

Okay this is random as hell but my scanner hates me. I've been sitting here for the past hour trying to scan 3 raggedy ass articles that I wrote a THOUSAND years ago into a PDF file and it refuses to co-operate. I swear I'm about to jump out my freaking window... Woosah.

Now that i've gotten that off my chest, did you guys hear about Mahesh the tiger that jumped a 14-ft fence at a public wildlife preserve in South Florida called Jungle Island?

Mm-hmm, apparently, the craziness all started when one of the monkeys managed to escape from it's own cage. After swinging around the food court area, the smart ass primate decided to go and harass the tiger. Well, I guess Mahesh wasn't in the mood for the bullshit. And with a single running leap, the 700-lb cat cleared the fence (which is actually 2 feet higher than regulation height) and landed in the park with the totally unprepared patrons. But wait on it, the official spokesperson for the preserve had the never to tell news reporters that, "I know it's hard to believe, but the folks in the park really weren't in any danger. Cause the tiger is "used to people." Really?


Oh but my favorite part? The folks in the video that hung around long enough to see the tiger wander around, brush up against a pregnant woman and come within 10-feet of them. Yo. Who waits for all that to happen? At the very WHISPER of a wild animal escaping it's cage, I'm BOUNCING. Like, the Road Runner- I'm gone. Trust, I don't give a damn what a tiger looks like up close. At. All.

Good luck.

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  1. Oh my GOD, we were just there a few weeks ago. How did I miss this on the news when um, I live here? Hilarious. A tiger brushing up against me when I am pregnant? NO, MA'AM!