Friday, August 6, 2010

art imitates life...

So err-umm.... yeah.

Not for nothing, It was a lot easier to listen/ enjoy this song before I watched the video. Although I must say, it definitely reinforces why I avoid those box-cutter, manic love type relationships like a cold sore on Christmas day. I don't care how good the make-up sex is... I don't EVER want anyone to love me like this.

Oh and am I the only one who felt super uncomfortable watching
Rih-Rih make those faces as she sung the chorus? Like, you can't be a victim and simultaneously be down for the get down. Doesn't work like that. It's just my opinion (well shit, its my blog), but I'm thinking she should've done much more crying than mean mugging. *kanye shrug* It seems waaaay too soon for her to be leering and ice grilling at the camera in regards to anything remotely related to domestic violence ma.

Too. Soon.

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