Monday, February 1, 2010

another reason to hate flying...

Hmm, there's just so much tomfoolery going on in the world this Monday morning I don't know where to start. Let's see...

Ah-ha, looks like the TSA continues it's tradition of hiring only the most qualified and upstanding individuals to protect our country's borders- NOT. According to the Daily News, a 57-year old employee in the Orlando area was arrested for attempting to turn a 15 year-old girl into his sex slave. *crickets*

But wait on it... when this genius was brought in for questioning, he denies molesting her and insists that all he did was"grope" her. And just to prove his well meaning intentions, the admitted S&M oriented swinger said in a written statement that all he did was ASK her to be his sex slave. You know, not like he was gonna FORCE her or anything... Sigh.

So we're all clear, this is who's rifling through all the panties & bras in my carry-on luggage? Good to know, very good to know.

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