Thursday, February 18, 2010

go team...

So after all the hoopla Shani Davis came right back and kicked ass in the men's 1,000-meter speed skating competition, huh? Well alrighty then. Chicago, stand up!

On an itty bitty sidenote, this is probably a horrible thing to say considering how hard all those athletes work to prepare but forreal, forreal I so could care less about the Olympic Games. (Mind you, I have a friend that's very, very likely to land a spot on the USA track team and still... Not so much.) No offense.

And it's weird cause didn't we all used to LIVE for the Olympics?? I can distinctly remember begging my parents to let me stay up late and watch whatever-the-hell competition was on TV: ice skating, gymnastics, downhill skiing, track & field. Mind you, this was before there were Black people to watch and identify with.

*dead fish eyes*

I wonder what that's about... Am I the only one that couldn't give two shits about bringing home the "gold" to the 'ole U-S of A? Especially when we still can't manage to bring home the health insurance? Or how about the end to the recession?

I'm just saying... *kanye shrug*


  1. Nah, Mitzi. It is very exciting. The athletes train hard and risk their lives to bring home the gold. I respect that. I am still so surprised when I see Black people competing in sports that "we" don't do. It's a damn shame, that I am so surprised. I mean, I'm grown, but I turn into a little hood girl. "THOSE PEOPLE ARE BLACK!!!" And, I cheer when the US wins. Even those crazy white girls that be falling downhill and shit. "Get up, Becky! Get your crazy ass up!"

  2. Mitzi I am an Olympics fanatic!!! I love it and can't wait until Olympics Rio style. I'm fascinated by every lil sport and the back stories. You may feel the way you do cause we have so many more channels to watch. IDK. Yes, It is a recession. My son lost his job. I don't like my health plan, but hey--GO TEAM!

  3. Now Mitzi, I am normally able to at least co-sign with you but you are just wrong on this one. Everything can't come to an end because we dont have insurance or have other messed up stuff going on. The Olympics is one things where we dont care about the race of a person, they are competing for the entire USA. It is exciting no matter how corny the sport is! I love it and I cant wait until Rio!!