Friday, February 26, 2010

not safe for work or damn near anywhere else...

Oh Lord, I'm so confused. Somebody, anybody, help me please.

What in the unholy HELL is this CHILD doing in this video?? Really? With the the black socks/ sneaker combo and one leg up? Oh-uh-uh... And wait on it- all those dingy looking sheets and comforters in the background?

*starts tossing bleach like I'm Puff poppin' champagne*

All I can say is, Jesus be the ass whooping I would put on this overgrown teenager if he was my child. WORD.

Oh and when you pull your face off the floor, feel free to thank Freshalina for the laughs


  1. Ok, there are sooo many many things wrong with this whole scene, but what is most appauling is that it appears that this is someone's house guest. Am I the only one that sees that suitcase behind him!???!

  2. I don't know, I laughed till I cried! Obviously a(nother)very disturbed youth. No logic involved here, just lunacy. I hope (?) he was going for the laugh...lawd,lawd!

  3. Did you hear the police sirens in the background? That had to be Newark or B-more...LOL!!!!! And the sheets for curtains!!!!!!! Whoa!

  4. As Warhol said in the future everyone will be famous for 15 min

  5. wow...I'm really hoping this will NOT be the newest dance craze..

  6. Aside from laughing hysterically, I am wondering why in the world would this guy post this video to the web. Is he showing off his pillow sex moves? I mean c'mon, gimme a break.


  7. What I wanna know is, WHY one would put this online? Are his boys going to think this is cool? Will the young girls he's trying to holla at think, "ooh, this boy got moves!"


  8. Young Thundercat had mad energy!!LMAO Don't get why the pillow had to get the business end tough?!?!?!?ROFL My guess is he's working out the kinks.:-)