Tuesday, February 2, 2010

lacing up my kicks...

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to lose those last five pounds. But can you imagine losing 280 pounds and STILL weighing 686 lbs??

Apparently, this British guy (who despite the weight loss still qualifies as the world's heaviest man), Paul Mason lost the weight to qualify for a gastric bypass. So let's all pray, he'll be able to lose more weight pretty quickly.... But my God. Can you just imagine all the skin hanging off of his body when the weight is finally gone?? Can you see it, just layers like that Japanese dog breed the Shar-Pei.


Oh but wait on it... before you start to feel bad for homeboy- I just read on some random Flickr post that dude (who is a former postman) was arrested and imprisoned for stealing mail. And while he was serving his sentence he lost mad weight. But since his release, he's been chilling at home, living off of welfare and eats MAD junk food.


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  1. LOL I feel like *dead* may be all too appropriate in this case. SMH.