Thursday, February 11, 2010

don't be like that...

Wow, so nobody wants to read what Hill Harper has to say about relationships? Even though I'm giving the book away for FREE??? That's F-U-N-N-Y.

Honestly, can't say I didn't have the same reaction initially. After all, why would I want to read what a successful, good looking yet for some odd reason PERPETUALLY single Black man has to say about why relationships between Black men and women don't work. Hmmm, seems like a set-up.

But I must admit, after reading the first couple of chapters (I'm not even going to FRONT like I have the time to sit around and read the entire thing), I am impressed. From the very beginning he starts by addressing his own issues with commitment: bloated ego, sense of entitlement and mainly fear in a very understandable way. Real talk.

So anyhoo, I explain all that to say, don't judge a book or in this case a 'suspect' author by his cover.

It's not like you have to do anything but leave me a comment sharing what you think is the most lovable feature about you... And how hard is that?


  1. energy level when i'm passionate about something....-Travoya

  2. Mitzi, apparently my most lovable feature is either my smile/giggle/outgoing personality or my loyalty and commitment as a friend. tiffane

  3. My most loveable feature? I was once told I'm well read and give good, um...whatever. Can I have my book now? I guess I should read it to see what Mr. Harper is talking about.