Wednesday, February 17, 2010

every little step...




So the other night, I had a pizza and TV date with my homie, D. And for some unforeseen reason we ended up watching the new episode in the latest season of VH1's Celebrity Fit Club. Um, how can I put this nicely... Oh. My. God.

Bobby Brown? Tanisha from Bad Girls Club? Shar Jackson? K-Fed? Oh and puh-lease don't get me started on Nicole Egbert, the lifeguard chick from Baywatch who used to run up and down the beach looking like that red flotation device she carried weighed more than her. Well just know, homegirl has turned into a straight up Kirstie Alley's mini-me and wait on it.. the bish only weighs 130lbs! Who's body falls apart at 130lbs?? No ma'am. FAIL.

*makes the sign of the cross and quickly thanks God for good genes*

And while we definitely got our laugh on at these fallen stars' expense, I have to tell you... Secretly, my heart truly broke for Bobby. To see that bloated face all up close and personal?

Dude, Bobby used to be a SEX SYMBOL. Like forreal. From New Edition to his way too short lived solo career... that man was off da chain. And now look. Sigh. I can't. Insisting that he's clean and sober but still sucking down cans of Bud beer and glasses of straight vodka like a damn fish. And when that fat bottom lip got to twitching?


Needless to say, I will be sending up prayers- as I what? Tune in EV'RY damn week.


  1. Your crazy. I'm mad they even let Nicole Egbert on the damn show. But for real, The truth about a Roni! Sigh.....

  2. I know! My boyfriend and I watched it and I was surprised at how Bobby and Kevin let themselves go. My boyfriend said Kevin is eating good off Brittany's money. I don't know what Bobby's excuse is.