Friday, February 5, 2010

might've worked w bush...

Okay so I'm not going to get all deep into the details of the group of fake missionaries/ child traffickers from Idaho that were arrested as they attempted to kidnap a group of THIRTY-THREE children form Port-au-Prince, Haiti last week in the name of Jesus. Cause honestly, the facts speak for themselves... And if I get started on the audacity of these white people, preying on the poor, displaced families in the midst of a natural disaster, I may never end.

But very quickly, I'd like to draw your attention to this picture taken yesterday afternoon of two of the women in the group- a mother and child. Now be clear, these two women are headed BACK to jail after being charged with child abduction and criminal conspiracy, and they're what? Laughing.


I gotta tell you, I wouldn't think a damn thing was funny if I was innocent and my ass was headed back to a freakin' Haitian jail. No ma'am. Not. At. All. But I guess the key word there is 'innocent,' huh?

I sure hope them heifers don't think that just cause they're white Americans everything is gonna to eventually blow over. SMH. Cause them days is over...


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