Thursday, December 17, 2009

why old people don't do clubs...

So me and my girls went out on Tuesday night. You know, tis the season to be heading out into freezing cold in the middle of the night half-dressed in the name of a some holiday party or in this case, my friend Patty's 40th Bday Bash. Now, overall the outing was actually really fun times. I mean, thanks to D. supplying us with the live entertainment as she got her grind on with the random guy who just so happened to be wearing one of those ex-con home arrest ankle monitoring bracelets. Uh-huh, as in 'I just got out 12 hours ago and wanna get my party on before I have to check-in with the C.O.' Mmm-hmmm, very Law &Order classy. *DEAD*

Moving on- because I told her that I wouldn't talk about her momentary lapse of sanity. But I know ya'll can keep a secret- Why are my ears STILL ringing from the damn music two day later??

Like seriously, yesterday I had an interview for this cool non-profit that I hope to be working with in 2010. And the whole time I'm sitting there trying to read lips and trying not to speak too loudly. Sigh. Uh-uh, my nerves are too bad for this kinda ish.

Needless to say I'm now, walking around here convinced that that loud ass sound system and wackass DJ- who randomly launched into this loud ass techno/ Pop Rock set in a room full of black people (where they do that at?)- has permanently impaired my hearing. Good grief.

Of course, none of this is going to stop me from carrying on with the rest of the holiday festivities. No sir. I will be up in Sin City tonight celebrating Karina's birthday... Even if a bish gotta wear earplugs.

Don't judge me (or my locked down lovin' friend).


  1. Girl, I was thinking this same thing. We went out, you know the holidays and friends are in town again so they want to act like they forgot how their home town got down. Yes, I was hosting and as we went from club to club feeling too old every step of the way my ears were ringing and head thumping two days later. Not to mention staying out too late.

    But at the same time you only live once so live it up when you can.