Wednesday, December 30, 2009

they'll be reruns in the summer...

Wow, so are we really not going to have the Fox Broadcasting channel in 2010? 'Cause from the sounds of things, Time Warner is not budging on this whole price hike situation. Can't say I'm mad. I'm extremely tired of paying outrageous prices for cable when I don't really enjoy half of the shows on television. And truth be told, I can't even name a show on Fox besides 24 and Family Guy (or is that on the CW) that is worth talking about.

Times are tough, go hard.

Speaking of going hard, DAYUM Teddy! How you smacking your 18 year-old daughter upside the head with a freaking Guitar Hero guitar?? And then wait on it... your old unapologetic ass goes and tweets that "you'd do it again"? *EPIC Fail*

Be clear: I don't have problem the first with him laying into her ass (even if she is 18 years-old). The way my sister and I were raised, if you chose to live at home after graduating from high school, you could and would catch a bad one if and whenever you popped off at the mouth.

Like Elsa told me, "Don't like it? Think you too grown for the beat down? Then by all means, move the hell out."

And take my word for it- she was NOT playing. I caught my last bad one at 21 when I came home from school for Xmas break. Yeah, you read that correctly, 2-1. And I ain't never, ever forget that 'ish either! Sigh. God bless my Panamanian mother's heart...

So no, my issue is not with the whooping. It's with him using the guitar. I'm just saying... Were there no leather belts, extension cords, wooden spoons, plastic spatulas within in arms reach? Oh and please don't sleep on how much an unexpected pop-pop to the mouth (hard enough to stun but not enough to bloody) can do for a smart mouth or a bad attitude. Mmm-hmm...


  1. LMAO .....that's right tell them .... right from the bush of o so sweet Panama .... V

  2. I totally agree with you! I got a good pop-pop in the mouth when I was 14 because I was about to call a teacher in high school a liar. I didn't get the "li" out good before my mouth was a swollen mess. My mom turned back to the teacher and kept talking to him without even looking at me. I swore my mom was an undercover ninja the way she could slap you and continue her business without you even seeing it coming. But yes, using a guitar hero as a weapon is much harsh. I wish I knew what his daughter did because it must have been a doosey!