Tuesday, December 15, 2009

she sure don't look sorry to me...

Oh uh-uh, I see the official coming out party for the angry white women continues in full speed. Mmm-hmm...

Yesterday in Wisconsin, 2 women accused gluing a cheating lover's penis to his stomach back in July finally reached plea deals with the District Attorney.Um, gluing a man's penis to his stomach because he cheated on you? Who does that?? And better yet, how they manage to get off with no jail time??

Mind you, these weren't some young, hot headed twenty-something year-olds caught up in an emotional moment. The two women are grown ass, forty-eight and forty-three year-year-old women! And wait on it, neither of the two was actually married to the poor 37 year-old schlub that they tied up and stuck it to- literally.

But tell you what, I'm not gonna judge. Nope. I'll simply sit back and enjoy the show.