Tuesday, December 22, 2009

should've queefed...

And the crazy keeps coming... Don't ask me how I missed this story BUT it seems that earlier this year the police in England were on the hunt for a-and I quote- 'sniffing pervert.' Uh-huh, you read that correctly.

Apparently this grown ass man was/is stalking a 20 year-old stock boy at a grocery store in Plymouth Divine, England. And by "stalking," what he does is hang around the grocery store aisle where dude is working and when the kid isn't paying attention, the pervert will get really close and sniff the boy's booty.... a lot.

But wait on it... This wasn't an isolated incident. Allegedly, this man has come into the store at least twice to get his whiff on. *Dead Fish Eyes*

Okay forreal, forreal, fetish be damned who does this???? And perhaps the bigger question is, why didn't any of the other people shopping in the aisle say something when they saw this man with his nose all up in this kid's arse?

'Cause not for nothing, if I saw someone shoving their face in another person's butt and then ducking away, I'm saying something. And no, not because I'm some kinda good samaritan trying to gain brownie to get into heaven. How's about I just don't want to see that nonsense in the same place that I'm purchasing my groceries. Like, Ever.