Monday, December 28, 2009

and the clock keeps ticking...

What is it about the last 4 days of the year that consistently sends me into a tizzy? It's like, I woke up this morning and remembered a whole list of crap I SWORE I was going to get down before the end of 2009. And true to form, I have decided to make it ALL happen in the next 96 hours... or at least try really, really hard.

I exhaust myself.

Speaking of exhaustion, (as I've stated many times in the past) works a nerves more than that awful Gosselin clan. Mmm-hmm, Jon, Kate and yes, all eight of their funny looking kids- no offense.

Just when I thought we might make it out of 2009 without any more self-created drama from TLC's former get-along-gang, here Jon goes- back in the freakin' headlines. This time because his NYC apartment was allegedly ransacked from top to bottom by his ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman. Um, really? Who cares? People's apartments get broken into ALL the time. Doesn't that fool have insurance?

And not for nothing, what exactly did he expect to happen when he put her out? Isn't this the same chick that started out as a journalist but somewhere along the line tossed all her integrity to the side to get famous by screwing Jon?

Uh-huh. *blank stare with three SLOOOOOOOOW blinks*