Tuesday, December 29, 2009

singing the same 'ole song...

Hmm, so I finally got around to watching this infamous (and seriously redundant) Dateline segment on 'The Plight of Single Black Women'. Umm.... Yawn. Clearly, Dateline either ran out of white girls that slept with Tiger Woods or just needed a quick bump in their ratings.

Like seriously? We're going into a new DECADE and we're STILL talking the same 'ole 'last good black man standing' bullshit? Yeah, no thank you. I am so tired of hearing how hard it is to find a decent Black man. Note to the masses: having a degree, well-paying job, nice apartment and fly car does not make you a decent human being.

Here's an idea: Instead of regurgitating the same doomsday dating info, why not produce a segment on all the new and young married females (African American and White) who are ABSOLUTELY miserable. Yeah, I'm talking about the countless women who regret the day they rushed down the aisle because it seemed like 'the right thing to do.' And now, the poor things are facing an embarrassing/ expensive divorce or worse, wasting the best years of their lives in an unhappy situation.

Quietly, I'm sure we all know just as many single ladies on the prowl as married ones who in retrospect, if given the choice, WOULD NOT choose to be with the same man they married.

*dead fish eyes*

Cause not to be funny or seem extra callous about the situation, but at the end of the day the women that I associate with and consider peers would much rather be alone and feel lonely- than be in a relationship and still feel lonely.

Let the choir sing...


  1. Thank God you wrote what I've been saying for years. Not for nothing, but being a single black female with a career/job, place to live is the best kept secret! Throw in good friends you can count on and...jackpot. We all want a healthy committed relationship {marrieds & single...right Elin?}, but until then, I love the single life. Been down the other road and it is NOT what was sold us.

    I definitely want to see the special you proposed. I have plenty of sisters they can interview!

  2. Great that all these women have these wonderful careers and seem to have their ducks in a row...but I couldn't help but think: where did they find these four friends that look like they stepped out of Season Three of Girlfriends?

  3. *puts on church hat and belts out in Alto voice*

    -Lisa J