Friday, December 18, 2009

pick ya poison...

Wow, there's a lot going on for the Friday before Xmas break, huh?

First, there's Cincinnati Bengal Chris Henry's untimely, tragic ACCIDENTAL death (yeah, I'm calling it an accident. 'Cause if you jump in the bed of the truck that I'm driving to get the hell away and you subsequently fall out- That 'ish is NOT my fault). My sincere prayers go out to all of his family and friends.

Then, Mama Tina (finally) filed the divorce papers. Now, I'm no fan of divorce but can't say I blame the woman. She's too damn old to have to adopt and raise yet ANOTHER one of Papa Knowles' illegitimate offspring. She did her part w/ Kelly. This time around, Matthew is on his own. No offense.

And in what, as a professional writer,I consider to be a particularly disheartening and downright disgusting story, it seems the Wayans brothers are getting sued AGAIN for stealing someone else's book/film idea. COME ON. Like seriously, there are not one, not two, but THREE of ya'll Negroes. Is it that damn difficult to a) chip in and PAY folks for their intellectual property or b) CREATE your own 'ish??? *DEAD FISH EYES*

But seriously, who needs to gossip about celebrities when real life is so freaking off the chain?

Just yesterday a career criminal who had 14 prior arrests for offenses that include manslaughter, assault, drugs and robbery, kicked in the door of a fellow con he met while serving time for manslaughter and killed dude, his brother and his father. According to the NY Post "Gunman Hector Quinones blew away 24-year-old Carlos Rodriguez Jr., and his father Carlos Rodriguez Sr., 52, and then repeatedly stabbed grandfather Fernando Gonzalez, 87, to death before the elder Rodriguez's wife and adult daughter walked unwittingly into the carnage in the apartment they all shared."

But wait on it... As the genius is attempting to make his getaway down the fire escape, he got tangled up in his baggy pants, tripped and PLUNGED three stories to his death.


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  1. 1st let me say that I really enjoy your blog you always have me laughing.
    2nd i have been saying the same thing about Kellie!

    Keep up the great work!