Monday, December 21, 2009

welcome to our world....

Okay, I know times are hard and tempers can be short but I'm gonna need folks to dig deep and find a bit of the holiday spirit. 'Cause what we're not going to tolerate is the disgruntled off-duty D.C. cop pulling a gun and threatening civilians because his precious red Hummer got caught in the middle of an organized snowball fight.

No thank you Detective Bailey. That is NOT what the tax dollars pay your salary for. AT. ALL.

Although on a sidenote: I wonder how those lil' white boys felt having a police officer pull a gun and threaten them for no good reason. 'Cause while I know it frequently happens to kids of color in the D.C hoods... Err-um, on the newly gentrified U Street is another story. Poppin' off on them ivy league edu-ma-cated trustfund pinktoes?

Good luck with that.

Be sure to peep the video. $5 says dude is unemployed before the strike of midnight on New Year's Eve.


  1. "You don't bring a gun to a snowball fight!" LOL!

  2. Yes, I am sure the D.C Police Department is going to make an example of him. I do feel he was wrong for his actions, but now I wonder what would they do if it was a white cop who pulled his gun out on some black kids throwing snowballs? Just wondering.........

  3. The neighborhood was not Georgetown but U Street, NW which was traditionally (and is somewhat still) a "hood" in DC. It has just been gentrified.

  4. Thanks for the updated location info! I'll change now!