Monday, December 21, 2009

famous or not...

To say I was shocked to hear of Brittany Murphy's death is putting it lightly. I LOVED so many of her performances- Clueless, Girl, Interrupted, Spun, and the list goes on. Real talk? She was totally a friend in my head. And despite whatever she may have allegedly been going through lately, it's heartbreaking to learn that anyone at the age of 32 can suffer and die from a heart attack. *makes mental note to get my butt to the gym*

And I'd definitely be remiss if I didn't also mention the passing of another wonderful actress who over the years brought a lot of laughter to my life- Alaina Reed Hall a.k.a Rose from 227. Apparently the 63 year-old passed away last week after battling breast cancer. *makes mental note to check the twins for lumps as soon as I get in the shower*

But I also ned to take a moment to send a special prayer out to family and friends of 25 year-old Euthisa Revee Renix. The pregnant mother of one suffered a seizure and also died of cardiac arrest while working at a Au Bon Pain in Brooklyn. The difference here is that there were two lazy ass NYC EMTs in store when Euthisa initially collapsed. And they absolutely refused to interrupt their breakfast break to help resuscitate her. Matter-of-fact, the two callous bastards advised one of homegirl's co-workers to "call 911" and then they walked out before back-up ever arrived. * makes mental note to light a candle cause those two are going straight to hell*

Um, raise your hand if you're ready not just for a new year but a new decade.


  1. yes girl interrupted was the bomb. d@MN, d@MN, d@MN about rose... and um, what kind of EMT oath did those fools take...yup, straight to h*ll for those 2 with flaming, gasoline drawers!

  2. so sad to hear about both of these stars who i feel watched grow older throughout the years. R.I.P. I loved Rose on 227 (so bubbly and sweet). same can be said for Brittany Murphy, bubbly and a total free spirit. I thought her performance in Girl Interrupted was highly underrated and thought she was the most captivating character in a well cast movie. and who could fit Clueless? I can literally recite every line from that movie. May they both rest in peace.