Thursday, December 10, 2009

u ain't neva bigger than snoop...

Yo, holdup, timeout. Why is Perez Hilton such a BEE-Yatch???

Now I'm the first to admit, I used to LIVE for his blog- the dirt, the dish, and of course, the doodles! But over the past year, Perez and his blog have become more and more about self-promotion and less about providing the scoop. His opinions have gone from snarky and sarcastic to either pure unadulterated ass kissing or hatefulness. Boo. Nobody needs that from a grown ass man who dyes his eyebrows to match his dated faux-hawk.

And apparently the folks at KTLA-Channel 5 in LA feel the same way about all that ra-ra ballroom diva 'ish. 'Cause when that fool stormed out of the studio before his scheduled appearance (that he apparently begged them for), their correspondents went IN! Bump the article, cue Drake and watch the video. Shit is BANANAS!!

And err-um, note to Perez: hell hath no fury like an old school broadcaster who's already sick and tired of all you talentless new fangled media personalities stealing the shine. *DONE*

Get it Sam!


  1. hahahaha!! i hope perez saw that

  2. Bwahahahahaha!!! That's what he gets. That guy went IN on him.