Monday, October 19, 2009

walt don't want no parts of this...

Lord GOD!  Is it just my imagination or is Lindsey Lohan's face looking Ca-RAZY recently? 

No, seriously, ever since her massively failed fashion career launch at the Paris shows, homegirl has gone straight leather face- deep etched wrinkles in the brow, blistery looking lips that no lipstick can seem to hide and the perpetual 2+ bags under the bloodshot eyes. Real talk? Homegirl looks a walking hangover.

Hmmm, I wonder if she's so broke that she can't afford a make-up artist anymore.... 'Cause I have to say, even at her bald-headed worst, I don't remember Brit- Brit's skin EVA-NEVA looking this tough. Do you?


  1. she loks like a hag. she really needs to sit down...ikn a straight jacket somewhere in a padded room in a detox center...I'm just sayin...