Friday, October 16, 2009

so not impressed...

Just when I thought it wasn't possible for Sean 'Puffy/ Puff/ P.Diddy/ Diddy' Combs to get any more ridiculous... Apparently this fool was on 106 & Park screeching his way through one of those horrendous Dirty Money tracks and tossing fake money into the crowds and managed to throw away his own $20,000 diamond ring. Fool.

But wait on it... once he realized that he'd lost the ring, Mr. Combs had security shut down the entire studio. And they proceeded to frisk the entire studio audience of teens and students like a bunch of criminals. Really? So this is what you sign up for when you go to BET?

So not interested.

But forreal, forreal, here's what I don't understand- if you're such a baller, why you gonna lock down and frisk folks? Shouldn't all your jewelry be insured? And if not, shouldn't you be able to just charge it to the game? Like my bad, next time I'll be sure to purchase jewelry that fits me properly? Sigh.

Damn P.Dummy.


  1. Fake money and frisking....*FAIL*

  2. ugh. he really needs to sit down somewhere

  3. You can take the man out of the ghetto...but...

  4. Lawd, dis be the bastion and holder of all that is niggadom so why is you surprized? I mean really doh, that nigga ain't never had no class...