Tuesday, October 13, 2009

no mas...

See now, I've been trying my best to be a better person and not talk ish about celebs b/c I understand that they are people with feelings just like the everyone else...  But dammit, I swear 'fore God,  Christina Milian and The Dream are gonna take me back to the dark side.

What in the paying-the paparazzi-to-pay-attention-hell is up with these two?  

I swear, these knuckleheads are like the 2009 version of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey during their MTV reality show heyday. They'll show up for the opening of a damn tuna can. And is it just me or does the constant whoring for the paparazzi seems even worse now that Christina is knocked up? Sigh. It's exhausting. 

Oh and Christina? Not for nothing, can you please inform ya man that those extra, extra sm-medium jackets aren't doing a squat to hide the jiggly man-boobs. I'm not mad at you for appreciating the comforts of all his soft and squishy folds of his sympathy weight gain.  Howsomever, I'd rather not be a witness.  At. All.

Here's a thought: why don't you go sit down and give both of your swollen ankles a rest?? I'm just saying.


  1. she is money hungry ... and she believes she can dream a dollar and a hit song ... from the dream ... ching ching... im mean between her and nivea (spell check)... ..
    track record for milian
    nick cannon
    now the dream... hopefully this dream comes tru .. may be this a sweet dream or a beautiful night mare..
    message from glenda P

  2. Mitzi, you kill me. I'm adding this to my blog.

  3. lol, they are sooo desperately trying to be relevant...it's hysterical

  4. The Dream is pretty damn relevant. He and Tricky Stewart are the Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis of the moment. The only folk who aren't relevant are the ones who can't get The Dream writing on their album. As for Christina ... she's smart. I'd be cheesing for the camera's if my man was bringing home big fat publishing checks, too.