Friday, October 23, 2009

it hurt my heart and my nose...

Oh God, so I went and saw a preview screening of the movie Precious (based on the book Push) yesterday evening at the Magic Johnson Theater on 125th...  All I can say is JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL.

Mind you, I am a complete book snob (no surprise there). As far as I'm concerned, no movie will ever be a better experience than an author's original version.  BUT, I gotta give it to twisted ass Lee Daniels, this 'ish right here is damn good.

Forget about the graphic nature of the story's content (extreme poverty, sexual/physical abuse, illiteracy, obesity), the mere visuals ALONE made me wanna simultaneously cry and vomit.  Seriously? Harlem has NEVER looked so dirty, Monique so goddamn deranged or an obese teenager's skin so freakin' SWEATY from the mere act of breathing. 

Call me crazy but there were moments when I actually felt like I was starting to SMELL the stink of greasy fried chicken and salty pig feet coming off of the screen. *Blank stare*

So while you probably won't leave the theater feeling anything but depressed, disgusted and in my case in desperate need of a shower,  DEFINITELY go see this movie as soon as it hits a theater near you.  


  1. I was there too last night!! (sorry I missed you) BUt yes this is a must-see! but certainly not a feel good flick.

  2. this movie should make you volunteer, mentor, say a little prayer... you never know how someone's life is but all it should do is inspire. i read this movie early in life- i was blessed to be in a household that was fairly balanced (good times more than bad) but reading PUSH opened my eyes. i give more of myself because not everybody has it that way. oh, and by the way- i think this should curb some of those judgemental side-eyes that we women tend to give to some of our young girls. DONT WALK OUT DEPRESSED- WALK OUT INSPIRED TO DO SOMETHING (DAMMIT!) now on repeat: volunteer, mentor, volunteer, mentor, volunteer, mentor.
    i'm off to volunteerin.