Tuesday, October 27, 2009

made for the movies...

So while folks are busy debating Chris Brown's motive for posting that uber: emo fan montage video of Rih-Rih and himself, no one seems to be talking about the 15 year-old girl that was gang raped, brutalized and robbed by fellow students in front of a crowd of onlookers outside her high school in California

Priorities people... Sigh.

Apparently, the little girl ('cause she's younger than Taylor Swift) was leaving her school dance to meet her Dad for a ride home.  Before the father arrived, one of the teenage assailants noticed her waiting and convinced her to join him and some other kids in the school courtyard for a quick drink.  Apparently, was drink was drugged. And the rest is history... 

Now, I'm sure some folks are going to want to blame all of this on the issue of underage drinking. But forreal, forreal? Ain't no alcohol/ weed/ whatever illegal substance you can think of EVER made any of the guys that I know to behave like this:

At least four boys raped and committed multiple sex acts on the poor girl while wait on it... up to 15 people intermittently watched (cause they would come, see, leave and go tell other people what was going on).  NOT ONE OF THOSE DEPRAVED BASTARDS CALLED FOR HELP.  The authorities finally found homegirl under a bench after someone who didn't see or participate happened to overhear one of the witnesses reminiscing about the incident finally called the po-po. 

Reminiscing? Insert Dead Fish Eyes. 

We all need to pray for that little girl.  'Cause she ain't never,ever, ever gonna be right after this.  Gang raped at 15 in front o f a live audience? Like it was 106 and Park up in the bee-yatch? No ma'am.

As far as I'm concerned, her family members have every right in the world to spend all the waking hour of their LIVES finding and torturing each and every single solitary person that participated, watched or even thought they might of knew something about that 'ish.  Like on some real depraved SAW/ Law Abiding Citizen type nonsense. 

Yeah, I said it.


  1. My heart breaks for this girl and her parents. Makes you not want to let your damn kid out of the house. And the people who watched are just as bad and should be punished to the full extent of the damn law! I feel so sad now. I to hear stuff like this.

  2. That's horrible, I walked past the TV in the deli and saw the headline "gang raped at homecoming"...I had no idea, I thought it was college (not that that's better). What's so frightening is that no one came to her defense. What's wrong with these people? We are taking this anti-snitching mess way too far. It's inhumane. I pray for this girl and her family, and for justice.