Friday, October 23, 2009

preach my brother...

Lil Boosie Interview from Motion Family on Vimeo

Up until I saw this video, I had no idea who/what a  Lil' Boosie was, let alone listen to any of his so-called music.  But thanks to this 'ish right HERE?  Why, that illiterate mumblin' ass fool in now my certified HERO!

And I'm so serious.  

Apparently, homeboy is headed to jail for 10 months at the height of his pathetic career/life. BUT instead of trying to be hard, he goes wide left and says exactly what I'll bet Lil' Wayne all the other countless idiots facing/serving time for the "you can take a dumb ass out the hood but you can't the hood out the dumb ass 101" charge a.k.a illegal gun possession is thinking: 

"Fuck holdin' my head... And if  I'm lookin' mad, look the other way bitch! I'm the one going to do time, fuck all dat. Put somethin' in a nigga account."



  1. um, Mitzi,

    Please make it stop.
    That is all.


  2. Boosie Badazz gives it to ya straight. Would you believe his brother is a pretty boy, college-eduacated Kappa? Another one bites the dust.

  3. You gotta respect the brotha for being truthful. He's right he's the only one doing the time. It is

  4. lawd, this is both hilarious and sad. (first of all, what? is? he? saying?) second, i was cracking up at the guy with the tape recorder who was trying SO hard not to smile/laugh.