Thursday, October 29, 2009

in a funk...

To be quite honest, thanks to last night's piss poor performance of my beloved Yankees there's nothing I particularly feel like writing about today... 
I mean, aside from the SC state attorney who was picked up by the po-po for trying to get it in with a stripper in a graveyard.  Uh-huh, you read that correctly that 66-year-old fool had the Viagra and sex toys- just in case and was trying to get it poppin' in the place where dead bodies go to decompose on his LUNCH BREAK. Sigh. *FAIL*

Oh yeah, I guess there is the aspiring 19 year-old singer from Canada that was mauled by two wolves while hiking alone on some nature trail... Mmm-hmm, crazy. I feel horribly for her and her family because being torn apart limb by limb is no way for anyone to spend their last minutes alive. But real talk?  WTF was she doing hiking in the woods by herself without a can of mace, a machete or some kinda gun?  *EPIC FAIL*

But on an upnote, that random white woman from Philly who got arrested for soliciting an undercover cop in exchange for two tix to the World Series actually wound up being given a pair to Sunday's game from her local radio station and a car dealership.  *NICE*  

So see kids, sometimes, it's worth the court summons.

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  1. Damn shame what those dogs did to that girl but why, why, why are people still hiking alone in the woods? There have been numerous CNN specials, Lifetime movies and Horror movies showing that the single white girl NEVER comes out of the woods alive. NEVER!!!