Tuesday, October 20, 2009

good girl needs prayer

So I ( like countless numbers of you guys, I'm sure) just listened to Russian Roulette, the new single from ya girl Rih-Rih's upcoming untitled album for the first time.  Hmmmmm... how can I say this nicely?

This  right here is the kind of song, that makes folks on the edge feel like slitting their wrists, videotaping it and posting it on youtbe.com might be a very sexy thing to do. 

*Insert Dead Fish Eyes*

Like personally, I'd probably listen to this when I was in a funky mood and needed to force myself to cry so that I could get the hell over it or on repeat during those traumatic first 48 hours after a bad break-up.  But for damn sure, not in a club.  And while you're at it, I'm not sure I even want to hear it on the radio too many times. 

Shooot,  life is hard enough without the suicide theme music.


  1. Yes! My thoughts exactly. What a cry for help. And the barb wire album cover? Enough

  2. I haven't heard it...and quite frankly I'm too done with this chick.

  3. I agree sista needs a prayer, a hug and a shirt. ** side eye **

    She hasn't dealt with the Chris Brown incident and it shows!!!