Wednesday, October 21, 2009

she ain't even all that cute...

DJ, cue the music because... Bom, bom, bom another one bites the dust. 

I swear, these old ass former athletes just can't let it go.... Like of all the women in the world that are down for the discreet-two-consenting-adults get down, this fool managed to find and screw the crazy ass, unstable, young chick that would shamelessly stoop to the level of incessantly harassing his wife, then cyber stalking his 16 year-old son on Facebook AND wait on it... showing up at the CT manse with the nasty old school 'Hi-my-name-is-Brooke- and-I'm-screwing-ya-man' letter mentioning the ugly birthmark above his crotch. So 1987.

Mind you, according to good 'ole Steve, he only slept with homegirl 3 times. Uh-yeah, right. Please feel free to insert the DEAD FISH EYES right... here.

It's like, did we learn NOTHING from the Steve McNair tragedy?  Why in the middle-age-crisis hell is anyone still chasing these immature broads that have absolutely nothing to lose? Does the young vagina feel that much better??? Cause not for nothing... thanks to decrease in modern day morality and fluidity of sexuality I'm pretty confident most of that young stuff be pretty worn out nowadays.  But I digress...

Bottom line: Steve you suck.  You put your entire family, livelihood (did I mention ESPN has now suspended this fool for a week?) and reputation in jeopardy over a fling with a certified bird. 

Survey says no thank you.


  1. And have you seen this broad??? BLANK STARE. really steve? that was worth risking your life,wife and livelihood?

  2. And let the church say Amen. He's an idiot.