Monday, June 1, 2009

congrats pretty stevie...

So I finally touched NY ground late last night after the cute 4-day vacay in Miami with a bunch of my old school FAMU crew to celebrate our boy's graduation from dental school. And despite Florida's touch and go weather (it rained for at least 3 hours every single solitary damn day), I still managed to get more than my fair share of sun, fun and grown folk relaxation on. Mmm-hmmm...

Lord knows, it's always fun times getting together with college folks I haven't seen in YEARS... first and foremost because they're the people that I spent the majority of my ignorant late teens/ early twenties getting in and out of BS with (raise your hand if you know about those late, late night runs to Guthrie's and chugging flaming Dr. Peppers) and because we're finally grown enough not to have to sleep two in a bed and one on the floor to be able to afford a room in the nice hotel. Mmm-hmmm, just like that.
Lord, there's so much new stuff to catch up on- where you at, what you working on, where you going next, who still has all their hair, how many pounds we've all gained, etc. I swear, I haven't laughed so hard in a very looooong time.

But seriously- when the hell did discussions about daycare and private school tuition replace talking shit?? I mean, forget the big money schemes, fly rides, latest styles and upcoming vacay adventures- this time around it was all about how to maintain your swagger while pushing the minivan w/ multiple car seats, where to find the Spanx thong and tips on how to remain as quiet when the wife is speaking. Huh??? Oh and wait on it...
What you know about the virtues of a vasectomy debate that ensued over our Saturday night dinner. With more than a few of the wives talkin' 'bout, "snip, snip negro!"

Yo, forreal, forreal?I haven't been so happy to be single and child free in LIFE. To be able to say my biggest concern before boarding the flight was whether I remembered the sun block v. worrying that my mother-in-law might feed our 3 year-old McDonalds, was PRICELESS.

I respect Black love, the commitment my peers have to making their families work and all that Barack and Michelle jazz BUT Jesus take the wheel! I'm G-O-O-D.

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