Thursday, June 11, 2009

not even the CL pumps can save her...

Here's the thing, I'm all for fashion forwardness.  I love seeing new trends emerge (so about to cop an adorable one-piece pantsuits) and disappear (baby doll dress be damned).  

Even if good old fashioned commonsense/ awareness of my body shape won't necessarily allow me to get involved (thigh high boots), more power to those constantly push the envelope.  

With that said, this morning I have serious beef with Rihanna.

What the in the unholy my-stylist-had-the-night-off HELL was she doing prancing around NYC in a damn over-sized cardigan like it's a sweater dress?? 

Shit is a certified wreck.  Oh and PS, the random bustier tossed up under there doesn't make it any better. At. All. Cause really, it just looks like  ya girl put on the pretty drawers, the sweater and said bump wearing pants/shorts/anything to properly cover her butt.

Listen, I know the poor thing done been through some shit recently but that's simply no reason to hit the pavement assed-out and half-naked.  Uh-uh, no maam.  Not today, not tomorrow, not even on a dare.

But the FORREAL, FORREAL reason that I'm mad at Rih-Rih?  For every time her tall and skinny behind tries to pull something crazy like this off.  There's a confused girl with a TOTALLY Different shape following her lead...  AND FAILING MISERABLY.  

Exhibit A: Homegirl following right behind her in the shiny shirt, leather boots and a crazy looking cardigan vest of her own. Need I say more?

Jesus be a fill-length mirror. Light a candle ya'll...


  1. LMAO!! This was too funny. And, sadly, very true.

    So what about Rhianna kissing Drake all over town?

  2. Mitzi -- the pants suit is 70's -- who has courage to bring on the future fashions -- i don't wanna be reminded of gold ropes, door knockers and high top fades :)

  3. Thank you! I love fashion-forward too, but not everything "new" is automatically edgy. For ish to be fashionable, it actually has to LOOK GOOD too!

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