Tuesday, June 9, 2009

get on your side...

Slow news day...  Which inevitable leads me to fall back on old poll questions.  Here's one that I've been meaning to discuss for a minute: Do you need to be held by your partner after sex?

65% of you said you can take it or leave it.
26% say its a must
7% would rather not.

I see I'm in the minority...

Don't get me wrong, for the most part I'm a very affectionate person. I always enjoy having my hand held, being held, hugged, kissed, etc by my significant other. My friends will tell you- Mitzi is very big on the PDA. 

But all that 'afterglow cuddling?'  Especially after really, really good sex?  Yeah, no. 

And I'm not quite sure what that's about. All I know is I'm exhausted,  I need a minute to get myself together and I DO NOT want you draping your heavy thigh over me while I'm trying to find my head scarf and get my heart rate down.  At all.

*Truth be told, the only time, I want to cuddle immediately after sex is if it's wack (and that's just to hold me back from getting up and getting the hell outta there).

I'm gonna have to pray on that...


  1. Mitzi! how could you not like to cuddle? I LOVE to cuddle! Shyte...he BETTER cuddle me! I'm not some $2 ho you just picked up on 42nd street! (real nykers know what i mean). I love a sweaty arm around me and a few wet kisses. Crank the ac up- get your weight up and stop complaining- let a brotha show u love!

    -the real mini-me

  2. can i get at least a hig or something? i'm gonna have to go with the middle group here.

  3. LOL! Cuddling can be nice sometimes, like after a quickie and before going to sleep, but after some REAL sex, I am all for both just laying sprawled out next to each other, not necessarily touching, maybe fingers linked. Happy sighs.