Wednesday, June 10, 2009

gravity is not my friend...

Okay, real talk?  I think my breasts are shrinking! 

I used to be a very ample C/ borderline D-cup.  Nowadays, I'm only halfway filling out the C cups. And puh-lease do not make the bra cup structured...  they're straight puddling in the bottom!!  What the hell!?!?!?

I keep trying on all my bras, adjusting the straps, twisting from side to side and the results are still the same- freakin' Magda boobs. 

I feel so betrayed.  I LOVE the twins.  My market loves the twins. It's not like I've lost considerable weight or been breast feeding anyone's baby lately.  How are they gonna just up and deflate on me like this?  

I'm just saying... Don't they know there's a recession going on?  I can't afford to replace all the cute underwear sets.  Sigh. And after all the exposure I've given them... ungrateful I tell you.

All I can say is, Jesus be the augmentation savings fund. 

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  1. "My market loves the twins." Priceless. (Gotta love how I still find time to comment even in the middle of sitting on jury duty.)