Thursday, June 18, 2009

sans polish please...

I just looked at all the sandals sitting in my closet and had to shake my head. I really, really don't like rainy days in the summer time a.k.a the open-toe killers.

Speaking of toes, a while back I posted this pedi question: 

Would you clip your partner's toenails?
78% said sure, it wasn't a big deal
22% wouldn't do it even on a dare.

Gotta say, I am on the fence about this one right here.  Cause in reality, I'm really funny about people's toenails being too long.  That whole, dragging on the sidewalk over the tip f your flip-flops?  Oh god, it just makes my nerves bad. 

Mind you, my fixation on feet is hardly extreme (no, there'll be no toe sucking for the kid) but I definitely appreciate it when men take the time to make sure their respective foot game is on point. 

So with that said, if the length of my significant other's toenails are bothering me more than him, then yes, I'm quick to offer my services.

But what if your partner has fucked up feet?  You know, the joints that look like bird talons? With all that caked-on dead skin, ginormous bunions and Grand Canyon fissure-like cracks in the heels? Ewwwwwwa (Insert image of me vomiting in my mouth).

Call me funny actin' but I would be hard pressed to share a bed sheet with anyone who had crazy looking feet, let alone trying to clip the nails. I don't care how much I like you. As long as you're looking like close cousins with the barefoot homeless guy outside the Port Authority with all that thick yellow, flaky, fungi growing all up under and around your nails, I'm not the one.


  1. As a guy with "Manly feet" (and I don't mean homeless dude feet either) I honestly prefer we keep our foot grooming on home turf. Foot massages are cool but maintenance is kind of a single-player sport.

  2. That's probably the most disgusting pic I've ever seen. No more reading you with my coffee. LOL.

  3. OMG this post had my laughing so hard. There was a post of Cedric the Entertainer getting a pedi done. I applaud him. I'm sure you would appreciate that If only more men were like that.

  4. [I tried to post this the other day but for some reason my work computer kept giving me error messages every time!]

    That picture almost made me lose my breakfast too!

    I def agree, a penis is not an excuse for nasty ass feet!