Friday, June 26, 2009

I just can't stop lovin' you...

There are no words to adequately express the shock I felt upon seeing the confirmed news reports about Michael Jackson's death. I literally had to sit down on the couch and catch my breath. I haven't felt this dazed since I found out that I was actually going to receive my much needed liver transplant eleven years ago. That's deep, right?

Be clear: Michael Jackson has been a friend in my head FOREVER. Since my certified tone deaf ass could screech a out, "A-B-C, easy as 1-2-3," MJ and his music have been a part of my life. And trust, our friendship was hardcore.  

It spanned his rise to superstardom, the freak accidents, a complete ethnicity/race change and yes, even the recent controversial fall from grace.  Forreal, forreal, me and Mike been through it: He'd make me happy, he'd make me sad, he'd humble me, and then leave my jaded self in complete disbelief. 

And still, I jammed on.

So riddle me this- how does a man who's musical genius changed the WORLD die of cardiac arrest at freakin' 50?  

Not for nothing, people like MJ are supposed to either: A) live forever or B) die in some unexplainable event like an airplane disappearing over the Bermuda Triangle. NEVER, EVER the mundane heart attack. I mean, wasn't that the point of the hyperbaric-oxygen-tank-thingy that he's allegedly been sleeping in since the 80s? Sigh.  I can't.  

Raise your glove in the air...


  1. Raised...
    No words can be said about the best!!!

  2. he was indeed the best. He leaves a gaping hole in the music industry that will never be filled again with anyone nearly as talented. He will be sorely missed. This is still such a shock. I cannot believe he's gone.

  3. I feel you Mitzi. I think we are experiencing and evolutionary shift and a call to realize that even the greatest of talents are just human.

    Love and light girl! Let's live this life "off the wall"!

  4. At times I am still speeachless... RIP Michael.