Tuesday, June 16, 2009

another cdc nightmare...

Oh Jesus, here we go... 

Even if the weather isn't necessarily cooperating with those of us in the tri-state area, summertime is here party people.  Wanna know how I know?

'Cause the New York Times just published it's annual 'please-don't-poop-in-the-pool' article.  You know, the one where they report on the rising number of people swimming in NYC's public pools that become infected with a nasty intestinal parasite that's found in feces? 

Uh-huh,  feel free to vomit in your mouth right about now.

For those that need more details: Cryptosporidium is what they call it. The only way to become infected is through ingestion. And the reason that so many people become ill is because that bad boy can survive as  long as 10 days- EVEN IN CHLORINATED WATER. 

Talking about, "We want people to swim but be healthy about it." Uh yeah, no thanks. 

Jesus be the cold water in my shower until I arrive at a beach far, far away...