Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i felt like a mary kay rep...

So this past Saturday, my mom's co-worker/ homegirl Sheila organized this meet-n-greet/ booksigning at her house out in Ozone Park for me to hustle my books. Always up for an adventure (cause God only knows where Ozone Park is in relation to my apt in Washington Heights), me and my mom packed up the Volvo, grabbed the extra vague directions that Sheila gave her at work (no, I don't own a Garvin) and rode out.
Okay, seriously? I had so much fun. Like the kinda fun where you're completely exhausted and all you've done is sit around, talk mess with grown folks, and eat all night. And please believe, the food poppin'.
Everyone was so funny and nice. Asking questions and talking about THE ABW GUIDE TO LIFE, THE VOW & HOTLANTA- like they really cared about my couple of books. And then, at the end of the evening, they actually bought the product!! Like several copies and whatnot. SIGH. Nothing says love like a receipt of purchase.


  1. That's hot; you going to do more in the future? Sounds like a good lick...

  2. Good stuff on the book hustle. I still have a couple of questions about The Vow. It's one of my favorites.