Wednesday, July 23, 2008

maybe i'll eat in the bathroom...

Omigod, I hate housecleaning. It is seriously, the bain of my existence. Perhaps the only room in the apartment that I don't mind cleaning is my bathroom. And that's only because the upstairs neighbor's illegal washing machine hook-up occasionally backs up their dirty laundry water in my tub. So just to be safe, I clean my tub at least every three days. (And it's like, if I'm gonna do the tub; I might as well do the toilet, sink, mirror and floors. Right?)
Anyhoo, I removed everything from my kitchen OVER a week ago under the guise of mopping the floor. You know that floor still hasn't been cleaned? Aargh. Two huge bags of dog food, a tall trash can, broom, mop and bucket are now cluttering up my entrace hallway. It's crazy.
Normally, Drama sleeps by the front door during the day. I swear she's been giving me nothing but side-eye ever since I put all the crap in her chill out area.
Can you imagine? Not only do I feel guilty for being lazy, I'm also getting attitude from my dog. I can't...


  1. Ok, first I have to say that I am a HUGE fan and I have been since your days at HONEY (which is still the best black women's magazine ever in my opinion.

    Secondly, this is hilarious. I'm having a similar experience with unpacking from a move. It's been a week and these boxes are all starting to serve as mini-tables for me to throw crap on! lol.

  2. Hey Mitzi,

    Love the blog. The updates on your life are great. Can't wait for the new magazine.

    Maya ;-)