Friday, July 18, 2008

cut the waterworks...

Good grief, Elisabeth Hasselhoff is EXHAUSTING with all her damn crying!! She's such a Republican bully! Always picking a fight with someone 10 times as intelligent as she is and then when she can't win with logic, she goes for the tears. But apparently this time she picked the wrong black woman to try that bullcrap with. Here's what had happened:

Little Miss Elisabeth jumped up on her soapbox about how black people shouldn't use the n-word beacause "it perpetuates stereotypes and hate." So Whoppi immediately countered the silly rhetoric with, "We use it the way we want to use it." THEN because Elisabeth is always going hard for the entitled white woman who don't know when to back down, she says, "we all live in the same world." At this point, it's safe to say KNOW Whoopi was DONE. And she proceeded to get all up in that crack and shut whiny-ass Elisabeth down with, "We do live in different worlds. You don't understand." Can the church say AMEN?

Oh and for the record, even Babs had enough of little Miss Elisabeth temper tantrums. She jumped in on the discussion and hit Elisabeth with the old school "You're not listening, you're just talking" line your parents used to say when they were sick of the very sound of your voice. So funny...


  1. I could not have said it better myself! I never realized she starts the fight, begins to lose and then starts crying to win. The one thing funny about Whoopi is she can be Soul Sister #1 one minute but loves the her some white men. As long as she keeps it real I'm good.

  2. Amen to that! As for Whoopi being "Soul Sister" #1 and loving the white men, I think she proves that they are not mutually exclusive. And seriously, how many black men do you know that are killing themselves to be with sistas that look like Whoopi?...Just saying.

  3. All of y'all are a trip. Ol' girl does need a reality check. I mean, if we all lived in the same world there wouldn't be only 12 black people in my company of 600.

  4. Oh Elisabeth!! She just kills me everytime she opens her mouth. So young and so ignorant.