Tuesday, July 29, 2008

so much for that bright idea...

One of my many dreams is to own a beautiful, spacious three bedroom condo on warm-weathered waterfront property. I've been reluctant to narrow it down to a specific city because I like the two front runners-Florida and Claifornia-almost equally. But after today's earthquake.... Um not so much. 5.4 magnitude? No maam, you can keep that. I got enough crap to worry about...
Like the AIDS rate among African-Americans rivaling that of certain African COUNTRIES. What in the world?? According to a new report released today and reported on by CNN; "if black Americans made up their own country, it would rank above Ethiopia (420,000 to 1,300,000) and below Ivory Coast (750,000) in HIV population. Both Ethiopia and the Ivory Coast are among the 15 nations receiving funds from the President's Emergency Plan For Aids Relief." Are you serious?
The report goes on to highlight a 24 year-old woman who contracted AIDS at the age of 19. She said she contracted the virus the one time she had unprotected sex with her boyfriend. They were in a monogamous relationship. I. Can't.

Please read the article for yourself and then go buy that economy pack of condoms. 'Cause the way things are going, folks are really going to have to start doubling up:

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