Tuesday, July 22, 2008

who would've thunk it...

It's still really surreal to me when I look up and see people that I've known for YEARS making these huge leaps of progress: major promotions, getting married, buying houses and having kids. It's like wait a sec, weren't we just sitting in our work cubicles talking ish about how turning 25 made us feel SO old like two seconds ago?
Perfect example- my girlfriend Kenya (affectionately known as Ken-Ken) and her fantastic artsy boyfriend Matt (one of my top five my favorite pink toes) invited a couple of folks over for an impromptu dinner party at their newish spot in BK (well it's new for Kenya... She's been a super fly Harlem chick since I adopted her almost seven years ago). Anyhoo, as I'm sitting there sipping Kenya's signature sweet tea and talking boys with our mutual friend Nana, I suddenly had a moment where I realized just how dope my girl really, really is.

Not only has my Ken-Ken managed to remain one of the nicest, most generous and hilarious people I know despite her fair share of hard knocks (and Lord knows NYC can be hard on the "nice" ones), she also just got promoted to Global Style Director for all of Metro Newspaper-which may be be the new, free newspapers here in the States BUT actually has a very longstanding and reputable history in Europe. In less than a month, she's leaving me (GULP) heading to London (with her man in tow) to pursue her dream of living abroad and working in fashion. How sick is that?

Every time I think about how things have pulled themselves together for Ken, I am so encouraged. It's like everything is possible if you claim it. Lord, let me go get my copy of The Secret immediately!


  1. Honestly, I've really been feeling that lately...until things started to pick up for me. It's a trip when it happens though.

  2. I know I'm on super CP time with this, but I know of one other person who better be on your top 5 pink-toe list. I'm just saying! :)

    And yay, with two friends on this side of the Atlantic, maybe we can get u over here.

    hugs and kisses from Scotland,