Monday, July 14, 2008

you can't be serious...

Good grief, our country's politicians are so screwed up its painful to pay attention. But the moment you don't, another basic right is ignored, manipulated or plain taken away. So I started off my first day back from the Bahamas by reading the NYT article about Charlie Rangel and his not one, not two but FOUR adjoining rent stabilized apartments on the TOP floor of a luxury high rise in the heart of Harlem. Why in the world Charlie Rangel deserves four rent stabilized apartment (Let me put it in perspective: he pays all of $3,894 a MONTH for his FOUR apartments. That's exactly $973.50 per apartment) when there is a waiting list a mile long for affordable housing is beyond me. Adding insult to injury, the kind Senator called a press conference outside of his luxury building where he insisted that he didn't realize that the special rent rate he was receiving was illegal (Really? The I-didn't-know defense? That's the best you got?). Oh and not for nothing, the New York Times needed to mind its business. End quote. Oh Charlie sit down.
Then Jesse, Al, Charlie, et al. wonder why the younger generation has no respect or regard for all the hooping and hollering?

Read it for yourself:

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