Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my own damn fault...

All I can say is- the devil is a busy man.
My mini-me Latoya is getting married next spring (I think) which is great. I'm really happy for her and her fiance Dre, they make a great couple, deserve all the happiness in the world, yada-yada-yada.

How-some-ever, since this is her second stroll up the aisle (sometimes a do-over is very necessary) little Miss Toya has decided to break with tradition and have the sexy all-white wedding in the islands. Emphasis on the sexy. As a bridesmaid (please don't ask me how in the world I got roped in to this foolishness. You know I DON'T do wedding parties.) I have been asked to find a short, tight, white dress that's hot enough to be interesting but not scandalous enough to cause a scene. I know, I know but wait on it...

But the reason I'm really mad is because I actually found the perfect dress. This short, strapless Nanette Lepore number that was even in the correct price range. But don't you know, my procrastinating ass waited 24 hours to place the order. And so, by the time I logged on they were completely out of my size! I almost threw up in my mouth. And to make matters worse, I started trying to talk myself into believing that all dress aren't cut the same and with a little stretch who says that I can't fit into a size 10? Oh and you know I ordered the ten, right? Sigh. I 'm an idiot.


  1. It so happens that I work for Nanette Lepore in the showroom...isn't that a coincidence, well maybe I can be of some help. Maybe you can tell me the dress you were looking for and I can possibly direct you where you can get it. Maybe i can help... :)

  2. OMG are you serious?!?!?! I am seriously hyperventalating right now!! It's the white ribbon reef dress. I need a size 2...

    Hit me at mitzidcmiller@gmail.com

  3. OK, you let her off the hook! I thought we were going to see some serious working out & dieting. I was going to offer my encouragement and ask u to post a pic once you achieve getting into that size 10. U could have done it. Ur a rattler.

    Also hurry up and sell some more books. I need to know what happens in HOTLANTA 2.

  4. Um do you mean eating and laying around? I wear a size 2. You don't exactly diet and workout to go up four dress sizes... Funny.

    HOTLANTA 2 hits stores in October. You can pre-order on amazon.com now. Check out my Shameless Self-promotion link...

  5. Yeah typo, I meant 2...pre-order hunh...I only got a couple months to go.