Thursday, July 17, 2008

finally forreal must-see tv...

Ok, so I have a new guilty TV pleasure. It's called The Baby Borrowers. It's on NBC, every Wednesday at 9/8c. You heard it here first- you MUST watch this weekly train wreck.

The hilarious and often painful to watch reality show centers around five different teenage couples who I have to assume think/ thought they're ready to be married and start a family (You know I didn't see it from the beginning b/c I was what? Working.). There's Jordan & Sasha/ the Black teens who assumed that b/c they help raise their brothers and sisters they know everything until they meet the bad ass WHITE kids; Daton &Morgan/ the skater kids who barely bathe let alone remember to make the kid brush his teeth for three days; Kelsey & Sean/ the All-American couple where she like the majority of Middle America is already obsese; Kelly & Austin/ the Southern couple whose traditional values come crashing down when she realizes that she's not cut out to be a stay-at home mom; Alicia & Cory/ the Latino couple who are straight hood. She's so busy putting on her extra thick eyeliner she leaves an infant completely unattended.

The couples are put up in their own house and given children of different ages (starting with babies under one all the way up to teenagers and finally, the elderly) to take care of for three-day intervals. All I can say is Jesus be a bad ass two year-old who won't stop throwing temper tantrums. Then to throw in a little twist; one of them had to leave the house every day to go to work at a minimum wage job (read: picking up dog poop at the dog shelter).

For the record, I laughed until I cried last night. These poor kids who were so in love and excited to be able to 'play house' were straight falling apart and turning on one another like rabid animals. TOM FOOLERY AT IT'S BEST.

But not for nothing, I give them credit. I KNOW that at 17 years old (shoot truth be told at 32 years old) I wouldn't have lasted past the first 24 hour period. All that crying, fussing and smart talk from those kids? And the only thing I can do is put you in time out? No sir. Ain't no way in the world somebody's kid wasn't gonna get snatched up in the armpit on national TV and lifted off the ground 'till the backchat stops. I'm just saying.

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  1. That sounds tripped out...I wonder what would happen if someone all out gave someone's kid a beatdown...I wonder if they would tape it or stop the show.