Friday, June 27, 2008

is it really...

4:45p? The days just seem to fly by ESPECIALLY with a weekend around the corner. So far so good with the schedule, life during the workdays has become more productive than not so I won't coplain BUT as for the afterwork stuff... that's another story.
So on Wednesday night I went out with my girlfriends. Since it's been a million and one years since we've all gotten together, dressed up, dressed up and headed out we decided to go hard and hit up three venues- a pre-draft party at the Manhattan Porche delearship, a friend's party in the LES and D-Nice's bday party at Plumm (better known as the old Nells). All I can say is- being the sober friend sucks.
While it was wonderful to catch up with old faces, chit-chat with new boys and be out with the girls, that whole "natural high" and "just a ginger ale for me, please" business only lasts for so long. And certainly not long enough to numb the pain in my feet or mask the increasing body odor factor (of the folks around us NOT my friends) as the night progressed. By about 2am, yours truly was DONE. But of course, I still had a friend dancing on top of the table so I couldn't exactly just get up and leave. Sigh.
When I finally dragged my tired behind into the cab home, I could barely feel anything below my knees. Mind this is despite the fact that I'd changed into the emergency flip-flops. You know it's bad when you get out the cab and the corner boys jump up to open door b/c they pity you, not cause you're fly. Two days later and I'm still not okay... And the summer is just beginning. Pray for me ya'll.

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  1. lol...i should've come out with you because I would've been sober too!!!
    i can't hang like i used to and still get up and go to work :)