Monday, June 16, 2008

i need a time out...

What is about a dreary summer Monday that makes everyone look so cranky? As my boy Anthony described it, like the 5-year old that you're about to preemptively shove a bottle in his/ her mouth to avoid the crying? Perhaps its the nagging thought that today could've been sunny and beautiful but instead, its overcast, moist and not even all that warm. Had this been the fall or winter, at least we would have expected and accepted the whatever NYC weather. But in the month of June? On behalf of all the aggy Monday morning subway riders, I demand warm summer breezes and shiny happy people every step of the way!
On the upside, Christian Louboutin, Catherine Malandrino and Calypso all had sales this past weekend. And while I still may not have been able to afford to buy a thing in any of the three stores, it made me feel encouraged to know that at least they do actually have sales. 'Cause nothing says frugal consumer more than getting the $900 pumps I've been fantasizing about for months at a mere $450. And despite what my mother says, I do try to be economically intelligent about my spending. Ha!


  1. That's funny...I wish the shoes I liked would go on sale...they never do...they just keep going up in price. Ughh!!!

  2. Thanks for telling me about the sales!!!!! SIKE!